Mitigate Risk : Lock down your Data Centre

vArmour moves security controls from the perimeter to every asset or workflow in the data centre, tied together with a common security fabric regardless of network topology or infrastructure. vArmour is a leader in data defined perimeter security and has delivered the world’s first distributed security system that enables Layer 7 visibility – being entirely software based with no physical appliance.

vArmour software attributes


Physically Distributed, Logically One System using micro-segmentation

  • Lowers security cost & complexity
  • Scales with your infrastructure
  • Protects assets wherever they reside (physically, virtually or in the cloud)
  • Isolates & mitigates security breaches
  • Greater security & compliance controls
  • Dynamically distributes security processing across fabric for greater performance, reducing need for firewall load balancing

Topology Independent

  • Offers flexible insertion into any network topology (tap mode, vWire, L2, L3, VLAN Trunk, SDN)
  • Supports major hypervisor distributions including ESXi, KVM

Dynamic Provisioning and Orchestration

  • Automatically provisions security policies to new workloads based on specific characteristics & attributes for greater agility
  • Automates workload security defences by supporting VM live migration without connection loss
  • Integrates with third party orchestration systems through RESTful API

Real-time Cyber Defence Analytics

  • Visualises inter-hypervisor & server-to-server network & application traffic in real-time
  • Self-correlates and detects lateral spreading attacks through sophisticated threat analytics
  • Analyses kill chain of attack and reduces the access rights of the attacker to prevent data breaches and business interruptions
  • Upgrades business policies on every asset to prevent future attacks and strengthen controls

Analytics Platform with lateral threat indicators

  • Visibility with Layer 2-7 full deep packet inspection and App-ID down to intra-hypervisor level
  • Visualise whole campaign – how attacker got in and the original target, what other assets were impacted and what information was exfiltrated, if any
  • Quick determination of a security incident in real time

vArmour Data Centre Security Solution

The vArmour Data Centre Security Solution consists of a Director, Enforcement Points (EPs), EP Interceptors (EPis), vArmour Analytics Platform and a Cloud Intelligence Service. The Director and EPs are logically joined together to create a single virtual security fabric, called the vArmour fabric. The Director is responsible for control plane and management functionality for the virtual fabric, presenting the system as a single logical device, while the EPs are
responsible for security processing, deep packet inspection and traffic forwarding.

Distributed System Components


The Director provides supervisory functions for the Data Centre Security Solution by providing management and control plane functionality, HA, session setup, session load distribution, and security policy management for the virtual fabric.


The main tasks of the Enforcement Points are session management, security policy lookup, deep packet inspection (for application identification) and packet forwarding. By strategically deploying EPs in the data centre network, administrators can dynamically scale the fabric performance and apply security policy across multiple hypervisors.


The EP Interceptor (EPi) acts as a vArmour virtual machine running on each hypervisor. This virtual appliance forwards flows to navigate traffic to, and from, the VM and into EPi for security checks. The EPi receives the traffic from the VMs, and forwards traffic to EP for examination; the receiving EP then forwards the traffic back to EPi to be forwarded on to the tenant network. The solution may support up to 640 EPi (40 EPi to each EP).