A new generation of hybrid array


Balance performance and high capacity with a hybrid array or achieve sustained high performance with low latency of an all-flash array.  Tegile Systems has pioneered an award winning all-round package of Enterprise class new generation of flash-drive storage that eliminates silos of storage in your data centre.

Why Tegile storage is different:


  • All-flash and hybrid arrays in the same platform with feature rich software stack at no additional charge
  • Always In-line (on-the-fly) dedupe and compression across SSDs and HDDs without sacrificing performance
  • Both block and file protocols including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS and CIFS/SMB3.0
  • Patented IntelliFlash software separates metadata from application data enabling acceleration of advanced data services (dedupe, compression, snapshots, clones and thin provisioning)

Tegile Systems offer a choice of all-flash or hybrid flash both of which are cost effective storage arrays with same operating software, same feature set and same user experience.


  • All-Flash storage: high density enterprise flash SSDs = high performance at low latency for extended periods of time – perfect for mission-critical applications

  • Hybrid Flash storage: flexible high density flash SSDs & high density HDDs = perfect balance of data management, performance & economics

Tegile: Key Benefits


  • Faster applications = satisfied users
  • Quicker processing time : minutes not hours = increased competitiveness
  • Reduction in storage acquisition and operational costs = CAPEX & OPEX savings
  • Works with any protocol : one vendor for all storage = simplification of storage
  • No single point of failure = mitigation of risk & business continuity
  • High data availability = ‘always on’ business
  • Reduced hardware footprint (up to 70%) = energy efficiency savings & smaller data centres
  • Efficiency and integration = no more silos of systems
  • Greater performance = allows more concurrent users of applications
  • Best in class data protection features = secure systems
  • Integrates with existing storage = no waste
  • All software features included at no extra cost in all models

Awards & Recognition

DCIG Buyers Guide for Hybrid Storage Arrays = Tegile ranked No. 1 for last 3 years (DCIG scored and ranked 20+ hybrid storage arrays from 10 companies).

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2014 – Tegile named a Visionary for general purpose disk arrays.  Gartner attributed Tegile multiprotocol support and IntelliFlash software as key differentiator along with in-line duplication and compression allowing aggressive pricing of systems as systems are typically 2x to 5x smaller than over vendors for same capacity and performance.

Tegile: Technical Overview

Tegile gives flexibility to use all flash or a mix of flash and disk with each array having a performance and capacity layer. The performance layer is a combination of DRAM and flash giving high performance and low latency for your virtual server, VDI, messaging, collaboration and database applications. The capacity layer takes full advantage of the evolution in media densities. It accommodates spinning hard disk drives and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate emerging storage media as they become available.

Tegile Storage Portfolio


All models

IT Storage running IntelliFlash that uniquely separates meta data from system data in a multi-protocol SAN & NAS available in both all Flash and Hybrid storage arrays that are dual ported & accessible through a pair of highly available, active/active redundant controllers

  • Simplification of storage : optimized software & hardware
  • No single point of failure architecture : resilient
  • High data availability
  • Full integrity & protection
  • Upgrades with no downtime or loss of access
  • Faster than all HDDs
  • More simultaneous transactions
  • Additional concurrent users
  • Usable capacity greater than its raw capacity
  • Up to 70% less hardware footprint
  • Easy scaling of system capacity & performance
  • Allows the storage of more data per unit of rack space
  • Data processing time reduced from hours to minutes
  • One operating system running everything
  • Greater performance
  • Best in class data protection features
  • Extremely friendly user interface
  • Customer support an integral part
  • High IOPs for virtualisation
  • VDI storage savings up to 90%
  • Consolidates multiple workloads
  • Single license (software, features & data services)
  • Acceleration of advanced data services
  • Scalable metadata acceleration

Hybrid models

Combination of solid state disk flash drives and SATA/SAS drives.  Includes Media Optimisation Layer works with expansion chassis if necessary

  • Significantly less expensive than all SSDs
  • High performance, capacity & reliability at low cost
  • Built in enterprise class multi-terabyte hard disks
  • Consolidates Tier 1, 2 & 3 storage in a unified platform
  • High capacity enterprise class disk drives
  • Reliability stores data on different types of storage
  • Optimises the use of media within system
  • Seamlessly adapts to media with differing latencies
  • Acceleration of read and write process

All Flash models

Solid state only for consistent low latency

  • Predictable & consistent performance
  • Consistent I/O & data service performance at scale
  • Predictable latency for data reads and writes

Features of all Models



  • iSCSI & Fibre Channel
  • NFS & CIFS file-level
  • SMB3.0
  • Certified VMware compatibility
  • Dual ported
  • Active/active redundant dual controllers
  • Both SAN and NAS supported from same array
  • Fast & efficient file servers for server applications
  • Increased throughput and lower latency
  • Improved CPU utilisation
  • Integrates into existing enterprise storage environments
  • Windows, Mac and Linux applications all on same storage
  • Protocols can be added seamlessly
  • Simultaneous use of all protocols over a variety of ports
  • Data access over multiple redundant paths


  • Powerful quad core Xeon processor
  • Large memory
  • Enterprise class MLC SSDs (eMLC)
  • SSD enhanced read & write optimisation
  • 2U to 12U configurations
  • Rich RAID options (Mirror, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, Triple-parity RAID)
  • Simplified architecture with expandable shelf options
  • Half the size of many storage incumbents
  • 10x endurance of consumer-grade MLC
  • Reduction in data centre space & power consumption
  • Automatic error detection and correction capabilities
  • Mitigation of data loss due to media failures (via RAID)
  • Rebuild times 50-70% faster with no downtime
  • Both capacity and performance layers in each array
  • Flexibility to use all flash, a mix of flash & disk, or high-performance & high-density flash within a one system

Application Integration:

  • VMWare (vCentre plugin)
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Microsoft: Hyper-V & SVMM : CSV and VSS plus SMB3.0 protocol
  • Oracle : validated designs
  • Seamless management of VMware and/or Hyper-V
  • Storage provision, monitoring & management in VM machine granularity
  • LUNs, file systems and RAID groups are a thing of the past
  • Oracle deployment guides available

Data Reduction Services:

  • Always in-line deduplication (at pool level or per LUN or file level)
  • Always in-line choice of compression algorithms
  • On or off deduplication / compression
  • Reduces overall storage consumption
  • Reduces capacity requirements: up to 90% footprint reduction
  • Minimizes media (flash & hard drives) wear
  • Accelerated performance even if controller fails
  • Data is stored in its most dense and space efficient format
  • Applied to all data before it is written without adding latency
  • Optimisation of capacity utilisation
  • Strike the perfect balance between speed and capacity
  • Variable deduplication ranging from 4KB to 128KB

Site to Site Replication:

  • Automatic Thin Replication
  • Automatic fail-over
  • Periodic asynchronous replication
  • Data compression
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity provision
  • Replicates only what’s changed for better performance
  • Reduction of traffic over WAN during replication
  • Fail-over allows secondary array to be primary storage
  • Transparent fail-over with no perceived outage
  • Improved Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • Improved Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)
  • Better data protection than standard arrays
  • Unidirectional, bidirectional, 1-to-n and n-to-1 replication

Data Protection:

  • Backup (via Snapshots) & Restore
  • Automatic non-disruptive snapshot & cloning capabilities
  • VM & application consistent thin snapshots & thin clones through multiple RAID / Mirroring options
  • Instantaneous snapshots of data
  • Little or no space required for clone/snapshot images except for changed blocks
  • Snapshots scheduling in minutes, hours, days or weeks
  • More frequent backups of critical data
  • No costly software add-on for snapshot technology
  • Roll back of one machine or all machines as necessary
  • Faster testing cycles via multiple no impact read/write clones


  • 256-bit AES in-line encryption of data at rest using native key management encryption
  • Secure data with no impact on performance
  • Zero user intervention for key management encryption
  • Protection against theft or loss of drive during transit etc.

Data integrity:

  • Checksum process to match data blocks as reads & writes happen
  • Checksum & data stored separately in blocktree
  • Protection against silent data corruption
  • Auto-healing of any corrupt data block

Media Management:

  • eMLC SSDs
  • IntelliFlash optimises SSD
  • Ensures long life even under high I/O workload
  • Eliminates unnecessary writes to media
  • Ensures uniform wear across flash pages
  • Continually scrubs and free up blocks
  • Minimises write amplification
  • De-duplicates & compresses data before it is written
  • 10x the write endurance of consumer grade flash

Storage Pooling:

  • Pipelined I/O architecture
  • Optimisation & simplification by virtualising physical media & aggregating it into a pool
  • Easy expansion of pool online
  • Reconstruction is faster as unallocated data is not copied
  • Ensures performance & optimal writes to media

Caching & Scaling Engine:

  • Intelligent dynamic caching technology
  • Algorithms cache most frequently accessed metadata & application data in high performance layers (DRAM & flash) in mirrored devices
  • Self-tuning read cache levels
  • High cache utilisation rates
  • Adaptive & optimised for various I/O patterns
  • Protection against device errors or failures
  • Automated expansion of metadata storage space
  • Can handle massive data sets through dynamic scaling
  • High speed DRAM cache
  • All writes to array are synchronous

Thin Provisioning:

  • Allocating storage for later use without reducing free space
  • Makes the most of available capacity by allowing applications to over provision capacity while only using what is required
  • Automatic allocation of physical storage as data is written
  • Graceful pause-and-resume of virtual machines when thin provisioned LUN runs out of space

Management & Automation:

  • Browser based graphical dashboard via configuration wizard
  • Web User Interface : programmable, task orientated REST API
  • Optimise virtual machines in a few clicks
  • Unified access
  • Easily deploy many hypervisors or shares in minutes
  • Easy identification of trends and issues
  • Customisable monitoring & graphs
  • Easily optimize the array without special training
  • Simple and easy to use management interface
  • Tasks can be scripted & automated

Round the Clock Support:

  • 24x7 support available
  • Optional 4-hour on-site support
  • Next business day replacement parts
  • Free software updates
  • Online support portal
  • On-site spares kit option
  • IntelliFlash Call-Home
  • Support from Tegile Engineers not ‘first level’ operator
  • Access to Knowledge Base Articles, Install & User Guides
  • Knowledge transfer through monthly Tech Talk webinars
  • Quarterly system health checks & performance analysis
  • Minimization of exposure to downtime & on-site spares kit
  • Administrator & Tegile Customer support alerts via Call-Home
  • Pro-active/timely intervention & monitoring via Call-Home
  • Early detection of problems before failures via Call-Home