Millennia® works to understand the marketplace in an ever changing environment where software is becoming king. We only bring to market innovative solutions that will transform your data centre. We champion products after a full in-depth technical deep dive. We become expert users as many products form part of our cloud solution. Software defined architectures, web-scale IT and high performing storage allow organisations to consolidate, secure, modernise and, most importantly, remain competitive because their applications run faster and process more.

We listen to your requirements and only propose solutions that we believe are right gaining us both respect and repeat business. Trust and honesty are paramount.

Solutions through Millennia : Benefits


  • Procurement from a user of a few rather than a supplier of many
  • Honest assessment of technologies (both pro’s and con’s)
  • Demonstration of technologies and their integration from our platform
  • Technology benefits outlined and understood, cutting through marketing materials
  • Proof of concept involvement allowing fine tuning of technology in your environment
  • Assurance of right technology for your environment
  • Representation of the customer more than the vendor
  • Discussion of solutions (and possible roadmaps) as a user and Councillor at the Technology User Group



Simplify the data centre with “Invisible Infrastructure”



A new generation of hybrid array






Lock down your data centre with vArmour 360 protection