Simplicity & virtualisation of the data centre with the “all in one box”


A robust storage area network (SAN) was thought best for performance, protection and capacity utilisation for applications and databases. This is no longer so. The combination of virtualised storage and applications yields incredible efficiencies.

Data centres were traditionally built in silos: compute, storage and networks to connect them. Separate teams managed the servers, the storage and the networks.

Nutanix simplifies this and puts it all into one 2U (3.5 inches high) appliance!

Nutanix delivers web-scale IT infrastructure using their software driven virtual computing platform which is a converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute and storage into a single solution. Nutanix virtualises the data centre without a SAN.

Web-scale technology is used to provide enterprise grade storage (de-duplication, automated tiering and compression) with high performance compute.

Nutanix is the worldwide market leader in web-scale converged infrastructure and was founded in 2009. The product takes the lessons learned by the giants of Google and Facebook and brings software defined infrastructure to the masses allowing companies to run all their applications without all of the people cost.

Millennia® is a user of Nutanix as it is the foundation of our platform.

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Buy on need, scale on need and adapt on need with Nutanix!

What is it?


Hyper-converged all-in-one hardware and software box combining compute & storage : the antithesis of a single physical machine just 2U high

  • An efficient & economic data centre
  • Simplification of data centre
  • One deployment running everything
  • TCO reductions – both OPEX & CAPEX
  • Reduced hardware footprint (2:1 reduction)
  • Delivers I/O with low latency
  • Greater and predictable performance

Enterprise virtual computing platform that is web scale

  • Agile : deploys in minutes
  • Effortless to manage
  • Affordable
  • Access to pooled storage
  • Buy what you need : pay as you grow
  • Service delivery vs hardware management
  • New features via software upgrades
  • Works with legacy components

Unified, always-on cluster of nodes that run any VM at massive scale with built-in disaster recovery

  • Scale ‘one at a time’ while cluster active
  • High availability & automatic failover
  • Install with no disruption to operations

Independent compute and storage in same cluster using different hardware models that all work together

  • Advanced enterprise-class storage
  • Reduces the cost and complexity of storage
  • No more SANs

Enterprise storage (snapshots, clones, de-duplication and compression) through the combination of flash storage for high IOPS & hard disk drives for capacity

  • Predictable & forecastable growth

Software founded by engineers who developed core scale out file system capabilities for Google and later adopted by Facebook and Amazon

  • Market leader in hyper-converged software defined