Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery for the Cloud

DR services are driven by Zerto replication software, which streams the changing server data in real time to the recovery data centre, so that there is a minimum difference between the live copy of data and the point of recovery.  The aim is to keep recovery points no more than 15 minutes adrift from live data, although in reality during normal operations this is usually in the order of 15 seconds.

This enables minimal loss of data during a disaster recovery incident, and allows a more rapid resumption of the service at the alternate site, all without having to perform extra data recovery functions after the service has failed over.

Public IP addresses are maintained in order to further reduce the impact of moving services to the recovery site, meaning no DNS changes need to be made, and customers white listing incoming connections from servers will also not need to make changes in a disaster recovery event – speeding time to full recovery.

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s foremost hypervisor-based replication solution, a replication technology purpose-built for virtual environments.

Zerto offers cloud providers all the features and functionality required for building an enterprise-class, cloud-based Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) offering, including:

  • 100% VM aware – replicates specific VMs regardless of LUNs
  • Multi-site – ability to support multiple customers with one instance of Zerto Virtual Replication
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Full integration into VMware vCloud Director enabling simplified and centralised management
  • Array agnostic – replicates from any storage to any storage
  • Software only – no capital expenditures, no changes to environment
  • Remote, simple install – installs in hours without onsite support
  • Automated recovery – one-click recovery, including VM/vApp creation and network configuration
  • Comprehensive testing – automated, immediate failover testing and validation
  • vCenter to vCloud replication – replicates between vCenter and vCloud environments
  • Enterprise-class BC/DR and CDP – continuous replication, low RTO/RPO and journal-based, point-in-time recovery
  • Full API – integrates with proprietary cloud management systems
  • Workload migration – migrates workloads to the cloud and in the cloud
  • WAN optimisation – built-in WAN compression and application policies

Millennia® has made Zerto their standard BC/DR technology, providing both DR-as-a-Service and Cloud BC/DR.