Managed Hosting


Simplification & transformation of the data centre.  Award-winning software-defined & web-scale technologies provide converged storage, compute and virtualisation resources. Built-in fully distributed software-defined layer 7 security system  on hyper-converged platform. A dedicated, scalable, agile and secure platform providing optimum performance and a seamless user experience. Millennia® becomes an extension of your IT department.


Data Centres


Millennia® only uses data centres in the UK so you are assured that your data will not be held globally.  All data centres are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 and all have redundant 10Gbit/s fibre connections.


Data Centre Simplification & Transformation


Millennia® provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to relieve you of the burden of IT whilst allowing you to control your own applications.

The convergence of storage, compute and virtualisation resources into a single solution completely simplifies and transforms the data centre. Using award-winning software-defined & web-scale technologies we provide enterprise grade storage with high performance compute

Millennia® is the first in the UK pioneering a fully distributed software defined layer 7 security system on the hyper-converged platform and includes DDoS mitigation as part of our service.

Cloud-Enabled Managed hosting brings cloudlike consumption and provisioning attributes which is different to traditional hosting. It includes professional services such as security, back-up, load balancing, firewall & network elements, disaster recovery/business continuity and optional application management for database and middleware.

The provision of IaaS on such a leading edge platform allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of the technologies without the overhead of procurement and training.

An extension of your IT department : Hosting Benefits


  • 100% platform uptime since inception
  • Scalable, user-friendly model : pay as you grow
  • Scale up as well as scale down as markets demand
  • Self-healing infrastructure
  • Dedicated resources charged as a total resource pool – RAM, CPU & storage
  • Known, declared data centres in the UK
  • Known costs, increase only when significant expansion required – fixed contracts
  • Capacity to run all expected workloads with contingency for unexpected workloads
  • Control over data – where it lives, how it is transferred and who has access
  • Input/output performance can be tuned to workload
  • Relieves the user of the management burden of the IT but still have overall control
  • Good for existing applications where workload and scale growth is known
  • Agile, on-demand execution
  • Flexible – virtual machines built to exact resource requirements and not fixed templates
  • Security and fault tolerance built into each layer through a distributed security system protecting data from attack from both outside and inside the data centre
  • Custom designed to user requirements (including user standards, applications, users & processes)
  • Problems prioritised based on understanding of user needs
  • Reliable and flexible hosting service in close liaison with customer IT team
  • Optimum performance and a seamless user experience


Indeed, working in close partnership with one of our valued customers has enabled their clients to move to our platform for the hosting of their software with the benefit of out of hours service, 100% availability and the removal of any burden of IT for the client.