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At Millennia we aim to be different.

IT ought to be a slave to the operational business and thus needs to be efficient, reliable and accessed wherever it is needed.

IT should be about driving innovation, speed and business agility whilst reducing risk.

IT should allow you to scale up as well as scale down as markets demand.

We will listen to your requirements and work in close liaison with our carefully chosen suppliers to recommend solutions where we believe they best meet (or indeed exceed) your requirements, whether they are hosted by us or in your own data centre.

Being based in Yorkshire, we say it as it is.

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Simplify your Data Centre

Millennia® transforms the data centre:


  • 100% platform uptime since inception
  • Self-healing & scalable – up or down
  • Dedicated resources
  • UK data centres
  • Known costs – fixed contracts
  • User control without the IT burden
  • Security against DDoS attacks
  • Multi-sited platform including Disaster Recovery

Extend your IT Department

Whatever your need, we aim to deliver:


  • Reliability and quality
  • A personal touch
  • High levels of service
  • Close working relationships
  • Honesty
  • Assessment of technologies from a user viewpoint
  • Value for money
  • Assurance of right technology for your environment
  • Representation of customers rather than vendors


Millennia® simplifies & transforms the data centre by converging storage, compute and virtualisation resources into a single solution using award-winning software-defined & web-scale technologies. Customers enjoy the benefits of dedicated, scalable, agile and secure resources on a pay as you grow competitive basis bringing them optimum performance and a seamless user experience. Millennia® becomes an extension of your IT department.




Consolidate, modernise, secure, control and remain competitive through new technologies such as software-defined architectures, web-scale IT and high performing storage.

As a user of software-defined technologies in our cloud platform, Millennia® can champion these solutions with confidence. Being users as well as suppliers differentiates us from other vendors in the software-defined hyper-converged market. We refuse to sell you something we don’t understand or believe in and have the advantage of being able to demo our management of the platform.



Data security is the practice of keeping data protected from corruption and unauthorised access. Today data IS your business and data security is critical. 50% of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen and 90% close within 2 years.

83% of data centre attacks happen from within the perimeter of the data centre, behind the firewalls. Millennia® is pioneering the industry’s first distributed layer 7 security system to provide 360° protection for every server and includes DDoS mitigation in its service.



About us

Our goal has always been to maintain high levels of customer service for a fair price, whilst ensuring we remain trustworthy, agile and reliable.

Millennia Computer Services Ltd was formed in December 1997 to provide IT consultancy services but has since grown into a successful provider of IT cloud-enabled managed hosting and a supplier of leading-edge software-defined and web-scale technologies.

We never pretend to be the cheapest provider of hosting services, but our customers regularly tell us we are excellent value for money. We consider our ability to personally respond to or ‘own’ a client relationship is what sets us apart from general large cloud providers today. We act as an extension of your IT department – adding value through mentoring and advice.

We provide the infrastructure to support your business so that you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment that may not see efficient utilisation with only your workload. By combining workloads of other customers, we can maximise the investment we make while providing our customers with all they require at a fair price.

Over time Millennia® has changed beyond recognition and we have had the pleasure of watching our customers grow, going from strength to strength. This in turn has allowed us to organically expand and we now have a strong presence in the ticketing, theatre, leisure and marketing verticals; from just a part of an organisation’s online presence to hosting their entire IT infrastructure.

Satisfied customers


Millennia® recognises that customer satisfaction contributes to their enduring tenure. Satisfied customers have remained with us for years and have recommended us to others, allowing us to have a strong presence in the ticketing, theatre, leisure and marketing verticals; from just a part of an organisation’s online presence to hosting their entire IT infrastructure.

Customers are seen more as partners.  Working in harmony on projects and expansions ensures efficient use of technology thus keeping prices competitive.

Below are some quotations from our customers:



Toptix partnered with Millennia in 2011 to bring SRO4 to the UK Arts, Visitor Attraction and Sports markets.  Our close working relationship with Millennia has allowed Toptix to constantly monitor and grow our hosting environment from inception, to the current platform comprising a comprehensive back-up / DR solution which hosts Government Departments, Local Authorities and top flight sports clubs.  Millennia’s personal touch, together with attention to detail, has allowed us to intelligently expand the environment whilst being mindful of offering a cost effective hosting solution for SRO4 customers.  Indeed many of our customers are moving away from hosting SRO4 themselves via their current provider and are moving to our hosted environment on Millennia’s new platform.

Karl Vosper

Managing Director, Toptix

purple_seven_logo copy

Millennia has supported Purple Seven since 2002.  With security of paramount concern to Purple Seven, Millennia has provided a robust, secure yet flexible and scalable platform to empower our customers to access insights over the web.  Almost anyone can provide hosted server solutions, but very few are able to provide the levels of service that (should) go hand in hand with delivering hosted platforms.   The service from Millennia is first class and is, in my opinion the key differentiator from other major platform providers.

Stuart Nicolle

Director, Purple Seven


In our expanding business we needed a responsive, flexible and secure solution for our server hosting so our customers could be reassured of quality and reliability.  Millennia has been able to meet our requirements and provide an excellent ongoing service maintaining a 99.97% uptime in the past 12 months with responsive support to help with our queries and requirements.

Graham Dowling

Managing Director, Patronbase